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Gerund adalah kata kerja yang berakhiran -ing yang berfungsi sebagai kata benda. Gerunds mempunyai bentuk yang sama dengan Participles, yaitu sama-sama berakhiran -ing, namun berbeda fungsi. Untuk Participles kami akan membahasnya secara terpisah.

Di bawah ini akan kami bahas fungsi dari Gerund. Hal yang perlu diingat adalah Gerunds dianggap sebagai Singular dan kata gantinya adalah "it".

1. Gerund Sebagai Subjek Kalimat:

  • Traveling might satisfy your desire for new experiences.
  • Reading poems needs skills. 
2. Gerund Sebagai Objek Langsung:
  • They do not appreciate my singing.
  • I like reading very much.
3. Gerund Sebagai Subject Complement:
  • My cat's favorite activity is sleeping
  • My hobby is swimming.
4. Gerund Sebagai Objek Kata Depan (Prepositions):
  • The police arrested him for speeding
  • I look forward to hearing from you soon.
5. Gerund Setelah Kata Kerja Tertentu:
  • He admitted cheating on the test. 
  • The doctor generally advised drinking low-fat milk.
Untuk lebih lengkapnya, di bawah ini kami buatkan daftar dan contohnya dari kata-kata kerja yang harus ditambah dengan bentuk Gerunds:
  • admit = He admitted cheating on the test.
  • advise = The doctor generally advised drinking low-fat milk.
  • allow = Ireland doesn't allow smoking in bars.
  • anticipate = I anticipated arriving late.
  • appreciate = I appreciated her helping me.
  • avoid = He avoided talking to her.
  • begin = I began learning Chinese.
  • can't bear = He can't bear having so much responsibility.
  • can't help = He can't help talking so loudly.
  • can't see = I can't see paying so much money for a car.
  • can't stand = He can't stand her smoking in the office.
  • cease = The government ceased providing free healthcare.
  • complete = He completed renovating the house.
  • consider = She considered moving to New York.
  • continue = He continued talking.
  • defend = The lawyer defended her making such statements.
  • delay = He delayed doing his taxes.
  • deny = He denied committing the crime.
  • despise = She despises waking up early.
  • discuss = We discussed working at the company.
  • dislike = She dislikes working after 5 PM.
  • don't mind = I don't mind helping you.
  • dread = She dreads getting up at 5 AM.
  • encourage = He encourages eating healthy foods.
  • enjoy = We enjoy hiking.
  • finish = He finished doing his homework.
  • forget = I forgot giving you my book.
  • hate = I hate cleaning the bathroom.
  • imagine = He imagines working there one day.
  • involve = The job involves traveling to Japan once a month.
  • keep = She kept interrupting me.
  • like = She likes listening to music.
  • love = I love swimming.
  • mention = He mentioned going to that college.
  • mind = Do you mind waiting here for a few minutes.
  • miss = She misses living near the beach.
  • need = The aquarium needs cleaning.
  • neglect = Sometimes she neglects doing her homework.
  • permit = California does not permit smoking in restaurants.
  • postpone = He postponed returning to Paris.
  • practice = She practiced singing the song.
  • prefer = He prefers sitting at the back of the movie theater.
  • propose = I proposed having lunch at the beach.
  • quit = She quit worrying about the problem.
  • recall = Tom recalled using his credit card at the store.
  • recollect = She recollected living in Kenya.
  • recommend = Tony recommended taking the train.
  • regret  = She regretted saying that.
  • remember = I remember telling her the address yesterday.
  • report = He reported her stealing the money.
  • require = The certificate requires completing two courses.
  • resent = Nick resented Debbie's being there.
  • resist = He resisted asking for help.
  • risk = He risked being caught.
  • start = He started studying harder.
  • stop = She stopped working at 5 o'clock.
  • suggest = They suggested staying at the hotel.
  • tolerate = I tolerated her talking.
  • try = Sam tried opening the lock with a paperclip.
  • understand = I understand his quitting.
  • urge = They urge recycling bottles and paper.

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