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Expletive There

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Expletive berasal dari bahasa Latin yaitu "explere" yang berarti mengisi. Kata Expletive digunakan dalam Bahasa Inggris pada abad ke 17. Jadi Expletive There adalah kata There yang digunakan untuk mengisi suatu kalimat. Kata There digunakan dalam kalimat sebagai pengganti Subjek.

Ada beberapa pola kalimat yang umum menggunakan "Expletive There", yaitu:

1. There + be + (pro)noun + expression of place/time.

  • There is nobody here.
  • There is a piano in the room.
  • There isn't much milk in that glass.
  • There're a lot of students here yesterday.
  • There were several parties last week.
  • There's going to be a party tomorrow.
2. There + be + noun dengan Adjective Modifier:
  • There are different ways to do it.
  • There are two blankets for each bed.
  • There are many doctors who can help you.
  • There are (some) people who like him.
3. There + be + noun + -Ing Participle.
  • There is a storm approaching. (= A storm is approaching).
  • There is strong wind coming up from the west.( = A strong wind is coming up from the west).
Kadang-kadang bentuk Past Participle sering juga dipakai, dan susunan ini untuk maksud passive.
  • There were many people killed in the last war. ( = Many people were killed in the last war).
  • There have been more Americans killed in the road accidents than in all the war since 1900.
Beberapa verb yang sering digunakan setelah "Expletive There", yaitu: appear, come, go, happen, live, remain, seem, enter, follow, dll.
  • Once upon time there lived a wicked king.
  • There seem to be two reason for his success.
  • There remains nothing more to be done.
  • Mere comes a time when we must all face our maker.
  • Suddenly there entered a strange figure dressed all in black.
4. There + be + noun phrase + to-infinitive clause.
  • There was no one for us to talk to.
  • There is essential for the papers to be ready before Friday.
5. There dapat bertindak sebagai subject dalam infinitive dan -Ing Clause.
  • I don't want there to be any more trouble.
  • I'd like there to be swimming-pool in the garden.
  • There appear to be several reason for changing our plan. (Bukan: There appears to be ...)
  • He was disappointed at (there being) so little to do.
  • What's the chance of there being an election this year?
6. Expletive There atau juga here, biasanya digunakan untuk (sebagai) Exclamatory sentence (kalimat seru).
  • There goes the bell! (Lonceng sedang berbunyi!)
  • There you have me! (Di situlah kami kena'nya!)
  • There they are! (Itu mereka!)

Untuk membuat pertanyaan, letakkanlah BE (modal auxiliary) sebelum The Expletive There.
  • There is a book here.
  • Is there a book here? - Yes, there is. No, there isn't.
  • There will be music at the party.
  • Will there be music at the party? - Yes, there will. No, there won't.
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