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skripsi bahasa inggris

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skripsi bahasa inggris unila


Recount Text through Guiding Questions
OF SMPN 1 Terbanggi Besar



Writing is a skill in which we express the ideas, feelings, and thoughts arranged in words, sentences and paragraphs using eyes, brain, and hand (Raimes, 1983: 76). According to 2006 curriculum, School Based Curriculum / KTSP, the goal of teaching learning at Junior High School is that the students must be able to develop communicative competence in written form as well as in spoken form to achieve functional literacy level. The problem is, writing is not only difficult to master by the students but also it is difficult to teach by the teachers.

The objective of this research was to know whether there is significant development of the students’ recount text writing ability or not.This research was conducted based on the experimental method. It applied the control group pre test – post test design modified from the idea suggested by Setiyadi (2006).This experimental method deals with two groups; an experimental class and a control class. The samples of the research are the second year students of SMPN 1 Terbanggi Besar Central Lampung in the year 2009/2010. In determining the experimental class and the control class, the researcher uses Simple Probability Sampling, using coin. Since the data is in the form of students’ ability in writing recount text, the data was collected by using two writing tests; pre-test and post-test.

The result of the test shows that there was a significant increase from pre test to post test after being taught by using Guiding Questions in the experimental class. The increase is from 53.9 up to 69.96. The application of the technique also increases all aspects of writing; content 15.53 up to 19.63, organization 12.9 up to 15.96, vocabulary 11.53up to 15.06, language used 10.9 up to 15.73, and mechanic 2.65 up to 3.53.The result of the computation shows that the value of two tailed significance was 0.000. It means that H1 was accepted and H0 was rejected since 0.00 < 0.05.It proves that the treatments given by the researcher had better effect of the students’ achievement.

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