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The Five Biggest Reasons People Fail - Don't Let This Happen Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5987638

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1. Don't Do Anything
This is the number one reason why people fail. They don't do anything! No action - no outcome...
This is a horrible. How can anyone possibly succeed if they don't do anything? They can't. So why do so many people do nothing?
I think it's because they are afraid to fail. They think if they try something, they're going to fail. Most people are afraid of failure. Everyone fails. There is nothing to be afraid of. I have failed many, many times. But I've learned from my failed attempts - learned, improved and accomplished my goals. I'll fail again, but I'll keep learning. That's just life... If I were to never fail, I'd never succeed. It's that simple.
2. Do Everything Half-Way
This is another big reason people fail. They get too excited about all the different marketing strategies and start a whole bunch of them at once. They never give enough time to each one. They do all of them half way. Then they wonder why nothing works!
If you have your hand in too many things, none of them will be profitable. Pick five strategies to start with. Concentrate on one marketing strategy at a time. Get that one working and then start another. Once you have all five of those going, then pick another five, and repeat...
Don't try to do too much at once - it's overwhelming and you're setting yourself up for instant failure.
3. Aren't Consistent
One of the keys to marketing strategies working is that you apply them consistently. They are systems. You need to do every part of the system to get it to run correctly, no matter what the strategy.
People are shocked when they just do the first step and it doesn't work as well as they wanted. Shortcuts don't work when you haven't applied the complete process.
4. Have No Plan
Success never happens by accident. Not once. You must have a plan...You must plan success. Plan how much you want to make and what strategies you are going to use to make that much. Planning isn't a big secret; it just takes time and commitment.
I've heard people say they didn't want to plan because they might change their minds. This is absurd. You can always change your plan. Make your goals higher or lower or pick a completely different goal. But if you don't have a plan, you'll never get anywhere.
It you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting the results you've always gotten. PLAN!
5. Procrastinate
Procrastination is a common reason people fail.
"I'll get around to it tomorrow" has destroyed more businesses than you can imagine.
So what if everything isn't perfect. It's much more important to do something than to wait for everything to be perfect. It won't happen.
Do your best, then learn and improve. Don't wait. Do it today!
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